Flammable No Smoking Signs

Posted: February 19, 2013 by Stephen in Uncategorized
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Danger Signs for Fire Safety

No Smoking Danger Sign

Flammable Smoking Signs

Fire is a very real source of danger, which is why OSHA Danger Signs and Flammable No Smoking Danger Signs are so prominent at gas and propane filling stations. The averages for fires at gas stations are startling – one in 13 stations will have a fire this year, resulting in roughly $18 million in damage. In addition to following the rules on no smoking danger signs, here are a few common sense tips to help stay safe when filling up:

  • Stay In or Get Out. Getting in and out of your car while refueling could create a build-up of static electricity. Gasoline vapor could be ignited by that spark.
  • Listen to the No Smoking Danger Signs. Maybe you pulled up to the pump after lighting up because you happened to notice there was no wait. It’s great to be opportunistic – it’s better to waste a cigarette for safety, though.
  • Don’t Top Off. We all want the fullest of gas tanks, but topping off easily leads to spilling over. You’re going to refill again in a week or two, so why risk a dangerous spill for a few ounces of fuel?

Superstorm Sandy made many in the Northeast turn to gas cans and portable containers after power went out. After you fill up, remember the messages on the danger signs at the station – no smoking/flammable vapors. Fire safety doesn’t stop when you’re at home. Also, try to leave room for expansion when filling up. This will keep the container sealed for the safety of all.

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